Petr Košař

I was born in Prague in 1973 and in 1993 became a sound engineer in a small musical theatre called Semafor. During the following 3 years I travelled with the theatre around almost the entire Czech Republic and participated in a tour to the Festival of Music Theatre in Wroclaw, Poland. The live sound recording I made of the Farewell Concert was released on CD by the Multisonic Company.

From its very beginnings up to April 1998 I participated in the project - Jesus Christ Superstar, at the beginning as a radio runner and from the end of the first year of the show also as a sound engineer. I staged the sound design created by Petr Ackermann and worked as a sound engineer for 3 years.

In 1995, Petr Novotný, the director of Jesus Christ Superstar took me to Karlín Musical Theatre to create the sound design for the production of My Fair Lady, the place where I also created sound designs for the productions of Hello Dolly, Dreams from New York, Some Like It Hot, La Cage Aux Folles, Rosemarie, Fledermaus (Bat), Victor/Victoria, Sound of Music, Chicago, West Side Story, Jekyll & Hyde, The Producers, Polish Blood, Mamzelle Nitouche and many czech musicals. Recenly I created there sound design for a czech horror musical Dracula.

In the summer of 2000 I travelled throughout most of Japan with the musical My Fair Lady during a month long tour and in 2002 I repeated the tour with Fledermaus (Bat), Some Like It Hot and Musical Concert.

After the floods in 2002 I created a design of sound installation on a new Karlín Musical Theatre stage in Prague Congress Centre and adjusted almost ”overnight” the sound designs of all plays in the repertory so that they could be played immediately.

In 1997 I made the first Czech recording of the musical Hello Dolly. The CD was released by Monitor-EMI.

At the turn of 1998 - 1999 I created an acoustic design of the entirely new theatre – Milénium, and produced here sound designs of the original Czech musical based on the opera, RUSALKA (THE WATER NYMPH), by Antonín Dvořák, the fairy-tale musical CINDERELLA and the musical Starci na chmelu (The Hop Pickers).

My most recent projects are the musicals Les Misérables, Miss Saigon and The Phantom of the Opera, for which I created the sound design and where I work also as a sound engineer.

I have immense experience with musicals as a sound engineer as well as a sound designer.

For all the productions I produced, mixed and edited recordings of sound effects, incidental music or half-playbacks and I have fully mastered recording, editing and mastering on PC.

On the above projects I worked with and fully mastered working with equipment manufactured by the companies - Cadac, Amek, Soundcraft, Yamaha, Meyer-Sound, L-Acoustics, Sennheiser etc.

I speak Czech and English and have rudimentary German, Russian and Japanese.

my sound designs: sound engineering only:
Rebecca, 2017
Tanz der Vampire, 2017
Jesus Christ Superstar, 2016
Dracula, 2015
Sunset Boulevard, 2015
The Phantom of the Opera, 2014
Mam'zelle Nitouche, 2013
Polish Blood, 2010
Die Csárdásfürstin, 2009
The Producers, 2006
Jekyll & Hyde, 2005
Miss Saigon, 2004
Les Misérables, 2003
West Side Story, 2003
Chicago, 2002
Romeo and Juliette, 2002
Fledermaus (Bat), 2002
Sound of Music, 2001
Victor/Victoria, 2000
Cinderella, 1999
Juno and Avos, 1999
Rosemarie, 1999
Rusalka The Musical, 1999
La Cage aux Folles, 1998
Some Like It Hot, 1997
Dreams of New York, 1997
Hello Dolly, 1996
My Fair Lady, 1995
Jesus Christ Superstar, 1994-1998
Beetles, the Evangelium by Beatles, 2001-2002
Carmen, 2009
Jesus Christ Superstar, 2010
Curtains, 2011
Aida, 2012
The Addams Family, 2014
Carmen, 2015
Bonnie and Clyde, 2016